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General Info

All images, texts, logos and design in this website are copyrighted. Any co pying, usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.


T.R is available in both languages, English & Spanish, you can change between each other at any moment by the dropdown menu showed below. You can use either Spanish or English Keywords in your searches regardless which language you were working with

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 ( The Language feature is always available up on the right in all the Travel Reportages pages )


Searching Images

We have endeavored to create an easy to search database for our growing collection of images. T.R is structured in 4 main Categories, Collections & Reportages ( see below) . You can also enter keywords in the QUICK SEARCH BOX to narrow your choices or use the Ad vanced Search feature. We have embedded keywords as Hiperlinks into all the available images to respond to more selected searches.

The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.


Quick Search

By default the QUICK SEARCH box uses "Match at least one keyword" for the search function. If you input "beautiful sunset" (without the quotes) into the quick search field, then the search function will return results for any media that contain either "beautiful" OR "sunset" in

The system supports the "AND" and NOT" operands in the quick search function by the use of the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) respectively in front of the keywords.

If you input "beautiful +sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will only return results for any media that contain both keywords "beautiful" AND "sunset" in its properties.

If you input "beautiful -sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will return results for any media that contain the keyword "beautiful", but this media can't contain the keyword "sunset" in its properties.

Note: There must not any spaces between the second keyword and the input operands (+), (-)


Advanced Search

The advanced search function does not use the same algorithms as above. It offers options allowing you to choose which operand you want to use for your searches. You can reach the Advanced Search feature at the link under the QUICK SEARCH box

There are three options available.

Match at least one keyword

The system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords in its properties.

Match all keywords

The system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords in its properties.

Match exact phrase

The system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase in its properties.


Main Menu Features

Cover: The T R Cover shows the latest featured work such a: completed projects, new reportages or new images added from around teh World


+ Recent: Through this link you get access to the latest images added to the gallery


The Lightbox is YOUR collection of images. You may add up to 20 images to each lightbox. you can create as many lightbox as you want as well as rename, activate and send them by Email, etc. You select images for your active Lightbox by "Check" the box Lightbox displayed under each thumbnail or preview in T.R. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your lightbox, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image (as you do with any other image in T.R) . Select the licence  you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button


My Account:

This page shows your order history and also allows you to download the purchased pictures, the download link will reamins active during three days after purchased proccess . (please try to download your purchased media during this period), also you can edit your customer profile and see / print your invoices


Shopp. Cart:

The shopping cart displays your order details, each time that you add an image through the ( in the preview image mode) it will be available in your Shopping Cart, if you wish to delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply hit the remove link on the right side or you may add more images to your Shopping Cart, in any case the system will recalculate the final price automatically, once you are agree with the price you can proceed to purchase the selected pictures by "clicking" the button Check Out all paynemts are made throguh the secure online processor PayPal.


Web - Info:

By "Clicking" over the Web - Info link you get access to this page



The links page to other interesting or partner sites


Contact Us:

Contact us with your request or questions. Use the provided form to let us know about your needs or doubts about invoices, accounts, pictures availability, next scheduled photo-reportages, etc, etc.


Travel Reportages is divided into 4 main categories which contains all the available pictures in the Gallery , below you see these 4 main categories title and descriptions

People & Culture

Ethnic groups, traditional celebrations, labour world, third World, cultures, etc, etc.. 

Historical & Monumental 

Monuments, archeology, historical ruins, ancient civilizations, colonial architecture, etc, etc. 

Cities & Urban Landscapes 

Urban landscapes, architecture, Urban activity, nocturnal view, etc, etc. 

Nature & Environment 

Landscapes, agriculture, wildlife, national parks, nature, environment, pollution, etc, etc.


> We offer 3 types of products that you can choose from.


Duration Subscription

Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription prior to its expiration date. The expiration date is calculated based on the date that you subscribe. 


Credit Subscription

Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription if its credit cost is less than or equal to your remaining credits. The subscription credits are deducted from you account each time you use it for your purchase. 


Package Subscription

Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription. You can only use this subscription for a one time purchase. We only allow you to checkout your order when the subscribed package contents and your current shopping cart contents are an exact match.

> Select the subscription type as desired and click on the Continue button to complete the purchase. Once the order is completed the subscription will display in the Payment Method section, which will allow you to select it as a payment method for your purchases.


Checking Out

You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create an account with your username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders.

We utilize PayPal for purchases made on this site. PayPal is the world lider Processing Payments Online System, we sincerely think this is  the most secure and easy method we can work with. The PayPal Online payment processor is fully integrated into the T.R Image Bank/Agency Online sales service .


Payment Method

By default the payment method is PPP (pay per purchase).  Using this payment method you will need to pay during the checkout process.


Image File Download Terms

Some images are available as digital files which you can download. All digital files, whether for web use or print use are "Rights Managed". Our terms are as follows:

Web Usage

These files can be used on one domain only (i.e. They can be used on as many web pages within that domain as you desire. They can be altered if necessary, but they can not be included in any composite that is resold The image files CANNOT be resold

Print Usage

These files are a higher quality for use in printed publications. They have a resolution of 300dpi and are saved as high quality JPG files. Should you require higher resolution or different file types, please contact us directly by phone or email with your specifications.

You are granted a licence for a ONE TIME USE - This means that you can use the image for one type of publication. If you use the image in a brochure, you do not have the right to then create a new product such as a magazine ad which uses the same image.

Prices on downloaded files are for that resolution image. Higher resolution files are offered on a different pricing structure based on type of usage. ie; a small brochure ad for a nonprofit organization will carry a lower price than a usage involving, for example, a nationally published magazine.


Product Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a print order, we will refund 100% of your order upon its return to us in the condition that it was received.

Return shipping charges are your responsibility. You must contact us prior to any return and we will give you specific return instructions. If your order is delivered damaged, it is your responsibility to contact the shipper. IMPORTANT: Save all packing materials. Failure to do so can cause the shipper to deny your claim.